What is BioEnergy Healing?

Since the very dawn of time energy healing has existed in a number of forms. This energy is known by various cultures as Reiki, Prana, Chi, Qi or Universal life force. It has been an integral part of Eastern/esoteric medicine for millennia. One form used extensively today is called BioEnergy therapy which is a highly effective complementary system for promoting optimal health, by enabling the body’s ability to heal itself, and promoting well-being.

BioEnergy is what sustains all life throughout the universe. There can be no life without this energy force. Energy healing modalities tap into this universal resource to enable clients to heal themselves. The focus of this BioEnergy healing intervention is to cut out any religious, cultural, social or economic barriers to improving the health of the individual. The therapist is merely a conduit for the intelligent energy which supports the health of the client not the illness.

In every culture and every medical tradition before ours – healing was accomplished by moving energy.

Quote by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Hungarian Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner).





BioEnergy healing, as is practiced by our therapists, has been used extensively around the world for many decades and has achieved (and continues to achieve) amazing results. But the important thing to recognise is that your bodies are self-healing and self-organising organisms. Within us all there is an innate intelligence, which works tirelessly day in and day out to maintain your bodies natural balance (homeostasis) and keep you healthy.

The BioEnergy Healing therapy works on all aspects of the individuals body:

The BioEnergy Healing therapy works on all aspects of the individuals body:

The Physical Body

Energy blockages in the individual manifest themselves as pain or disease.

The Mental Body

Mental patterning and perception influence how we see the world both in a positive sense but also (and increasingly) negatively.


The Emotional Body

Feelings, which are shaped by life experiences and our environment, could ultimately unsettle our calm, centred state of mind.

The Spiritual Body

This is your individual connection to the source, this is how you find your inner peace and connect to others with love compassion and grace.



Given the pressures and challenges that exist in peoples lives, exemplified by the current emergency measures in our society, we sometimes lose the capacity to cope. We become affected physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally – the result is illness.

The therapist acts as a conduit of the universal energy to help you to achieve an optimal state of health. All conditions ranging from a headache to some of the most difficult and complex illnesses and diseases have effectively been treated using BioEnergy therapy

It should be obvious however that if a person does not commit to resolving their health problems the healing programme will be less effective. An example is where someone has difficulty breathing and suffers from severe congestion and yet chooses to keep smoking.  You the client are ultimately responsible for your health and should commit to that as far as possible.





Everyone can be treated by our therapists using the BioEnergy Healing techniques. We have treated very young children including babies and also treated some extremely elderly people. We have had clients from as far afield as Canada and Australia.  We do not carry out any medical diagnosis and will always recommend that our clients seek formal medical advice before presenting themselves for a BioEnergy healing treatment. This should ensure any underlying medical issues are correctly identified.

We are pleased with the many successful outcomes to the treatments we have made over more than a decade.

When treating children under the age of sixteen we insist they are supported by a parent or guardian.

We are comfortable working with clients who may have physical or learning difficulties. Again we would ask that the appropriate support is available during the course of the treatments.

BioEnergy therapy has helped many people with various difficulties around the world, and our almost ten years of experience only confirms this.