We are able to offer a range of treatments to our clients in terms of how the healing work is carried out, where it is carried out and when. There are principally three ways in which we can deliver BioEnergy:













The choice of which method will be used will be determined by the therapists. Ideally, the first treatment will be undertaken on a one to one basis. However, for a number of reasons this is not possible – the person may have limited mobility, distance (patients can be in another country or continent) or they have personal responsibilities such as young children.

When the client contacts us we will agree which form of the treatment will work best given their specific circumstances.

The treatments are carried out over four consecutive days at a set time determined by the therapist.

The treatments take between 15 and 30 minutes depending upon the complexity of each case.

If possible it is always helpful if our clients have received a formal medicalassessment of their issue/s before they attend the clinic. We recognised thisis not always possible but please try to comply if you can.

To create a balance in the Universe there must be some exchange of Energy. Therefore Damian and Lucie will ask for minimal donation of 500Kč for the 4 sessions of BioEnergy therapy. We would like to reassure your that all of it, 100%, will be donated to charitable organisations or projects of our choice and we will inform you of our choice. However, if you, as our client, have your own charity you personally support, we would kindly ask you to make this minimal donation to that charity of your choosing. Thank you!

It is also possible to undertake BioEnergy healing with animals and pets.