Distance Healing is where you will discover the power of the Universal Life Force Energy.

We recognise that sometimes attending Lucie and Damian’s clinic for four consecutive days can be problematic for various reasons. The following list gives an outline of a few of the issues our clients have experienced in the past.

They live a long way from where they practice their BioEnergy healing treatments. They
May even live in another country or even a different continent.
They are too unwell to travel.
They have a range of family or work based challenges which limit the amount of free time they have.

Lucie and Damian have successfully treated clients in Australia, Canada, North America, Ireland, France, Italy and throughout the United Kingdom.

Many clients are initially uncertain how this can possibly work. A simple analogy would be when you think about someone and shortly afterwards that person phones you. Everything in the Universe is in simple terms made up of energy. The Universal Life-force energy travels at amazing speed and directed by the ‘Intention’ of the therapist works to support your healing.

If you are interested in this forms of healing please contact one of our therapists to discuss this particular type of treatment. We will ask you for some basic information such as your name, contact details (Telephone and email) and what is the nature of your illness or condition. Having had the issue formally diagnosed by a G.P will be extremely helpful.

Lucie and Damian will agree a date and time for your first treatment when you will be required to telephone them and state you are ready to receive the treatment. During a treatment you are expected to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Turn off anything that may prove distracting – Television, computers etc. If at home with other family members ask them to be as quiet as possible. The treatment will take between fifteen and thirty minutes. Lucie and/or Damian will carry out the appropriate treatment protocol and then call you back to inform you that the session has been completed.

When we call our clients back we always ask for some feedback. The things we have heard over the years are extremely varied but have included things such as:

‘I knew the moment the session started and ended’.

‘I felt a warm glow surrounding my body’.

‘I started to smile and even burst out laughing at one stage’.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t answer when you called after the session – because I had been so relaxed I had fallen asleep’.

‘No I didn’t feel a thing!’.

Just because you do not ‘feel’ something during the treatment is not important. What is important is you wish to get well. That will happen just believe.


During this telephone call a time for the subsequent appointment will be agreed.

Lucie and Damian do not charge for the treatments as such but feel there should be some exchange of ‘energy’. One way of achieving that is making a donation to one of the charities they support. They will provide more details as appropriate.