Foundation course

The first course in our series of training events has been designed to introduce students to the wonderful potential of BioEnergy Healing. The two day event offers a combination of practical sessions with appropriate technical input. We are not talking medical science just a general understanding of anatomy and how energy works to make our bodies truly extraordinary.



Each day of the course starts with some simple meditation and relaxation exercises based around Yoga and Qigong. This has proven to be an extremely effective way of starting each of our training events.

On Day One we then move into a discussion about peoples experiences with alternative health modalities and then the history of Energy Healing. Input is then given about the ‘Role’ of the BioEnergy therapist and their principal responsibilities.

Throughout each day of the course students will learn about each of the techniques that may be used during the treatment of family and possibly future clients. This area of input is one of the most important elements of the course and each technique is practiced a number of times. During all practical elements of the course the students are very closely supervised by Lucie and Damian who are supported by other experienced therapists.

On the second day of the course in addition to learning new treatment techniques the students will receive a copy of the treatment protocols. These protocols cover a significant number of illnesses and diseases and are based upon many years of development and the evolution of the techniques.

Throughout the course there are many opportunities for students to question and constructively challenge what they are being taught. An essential component of the course is that all students join together at lunchtime and during structured breaks so there is a chance to consider matters and relax.

Assuming the student has grasped the context of the training and demonstrated a sound understanding of each of the techniques they will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Between two and three weeks after the course a brief session is held to review and respond to any issues the students may have whilst working with the BioEnergy. Time is taken to practice the various techniques and reinforce their learning. No additional charge is made for this element of the course.

Cost of the Foundation Course:
2200 Czech Koruna.