This is where you will share in the collective experience of BioEnergy Healing with others.

Occasionally, Lucie and Damian will organise a group healing session which is open to everyone who registers to attend. The event will take place over four consecutive evenings at one location.

You are able to register for this event through this website or through our FB page, True Bioenergy Therapy, where you can find details of all our events.

On arrival one of our colleagues will request some information from you such as your name, contact details and the nature of your ailment. You will be invited to sit whilst the therapists prepare for the session. The BioEnergy Group healing clients will be called forward one at a time and one or more therapists will start the intervention protocol suitable for your needs.

The therapists will determine the order in which people are treated. If not being treated you will be required to quietly observe the treatments taking place whilst sitting with the palms of your hands facing upwards and resting on your lap and will focus on your breathing. Everyone benefits from the collective energy in the room and can witness some  fascinating outcomes. Once treated you are welcome to stay for the entire duration of the event or leave as you see appropriate.

The event will be carried at the same venue at the same time the following evening. Experience has shown
that four treatments are the optimal number to derive the best healing results.

Lucie and Damian do not charge for the treatments as such but feel there should be some exchange
of ‘energy’. One way of achieving that is making a donation to one of the charities they support.