Intermediate course

Once students have completed the Foundation Course, and have taken the opportunity to practice their healing skills, we invite them to develop those further through this training course.



The first course was very much about working one-to-one with their patients. This course extends that to incorporate both Group healing and Distance healing. There will be opportunities to experience each of these healing interventions with real clients as part of the weekend.

The course includes the treatment of animals and pets. We will also consider some of the major challenges to world health – Obesity, Addictions – particularly to Opioid based painkillers, Cyberchondria etc.


The course has been designed for those students who want to use their BioEnergy skills to work with a greater number of people. Potentially using these skills in a commercial way to build a business. A number of our students have done just that.

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Inventor and Mechanical and Electrical Engineer



A key aspect of this training weekend focuses on personal well-being, growth and health.

Each day starts with either a Yoga or Qigong practice and meditation. That way we ensure our students are relaxed and ready to learn.

An extensive selection of notes accompanies the course which the students may use and adapt (if appropriate). Course notes are available in both the Czech and English languages.

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring to this space.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor




Where students successfully meet and achieve all elements of this programme they will receive a certificate of qualification.

Support by email or telephone is offered to all students on completion of the training.


Two to three weeks after completion of the course the students are invited back to review the course content and refresh their skills. Again this is included within the cost of the course.

Cost of the Intermediate Course:
2200 Czech Koruna.

All lunches and refreshments are included within the overall price of the course.