A very personal treatment where you will experience the power of BioEnergy Healing.

When you first contact a therapist they will ask you for some basic information such as Name, Contact details (Telephone and email) and the reason why you require a BioEnergy treatment.

It will assist the therapist greatly if you have seen your own G.P and have received a formal diagnosis.

The therapist will then agree a date and time to conduct the first healing session and the location of the therapy room.

The actual treatments last between fifteen and thirty minutes and take place over four consecutive days.

Each treatment intervention will follow certain protocols. These have been developed over many decades. The client will be either asked to stand or sit down depending upon which element of the protocol is being undertaken. You will remain fully clothed at all times. 

It is important to note that during the healing session the therapist is acting as a conduit through which the Universal Life Energy flows. You are responsible for your own healing. The therapist will place their hands on various parts of your body to assist the flow of energy. Where a client has pain in a part of their body then that excess of energy is removed.

The therapy is carried out in a very relaxing environment with quiet music playing in the background.

During the BioEnergy healing session you may have feelings of heat or coldness on your body or a tingling sensation particularly in the hands and feet. This in normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Where appropriate, given the therapists skills, knowledge and experience, some advice may be offered with regard to diet, exercise and life-style.

If you have mobility issues which mean you are unable to travel to the clinic the therapist will suggest an alternative treatment method.

At the end of the first treatment an agreed time will be established for the following day.
It is very important that you are punctual.

Lucie and Damian do not charge for the treatments as such but feel there should be some exchange of ‘energy’. One way of achieving that is making a donation to one of the charities they support.

Where a client’s medical issue relates to a ‘chronic’ medical problem there may be a need to carry out a second course of treatments. These will commence approximately 14 days after the last course of treatments were completed.