General introduction

Whilst developing our courses we have set out not only to impart a broad range of practical knowledge and experience to our students but also to do it in a relaxed and learning friendly environment. After each course we review all aspects of it and work to continue to develop and enhance its content. At the time of writing we have successfully delivered 15 courses in the U.K. and the Czech Republic.



Our students are over sixteen years of age and as young as seventy two. If you have an open mind and enjoy the experience of learning in small groups this could be the best course you ever attend!

Our courses are carried out over a weekend in welcoming and pleasant surroundings. In addition to the teaching and practical exercises we provide a comprehensive set of documents which the students can take home with them. They can also access a range of other learning/training materials on-line once they have successfully completed the foundation course.

Between two and three weeks after the end of each course a review and refresher event is held. Students are invited back to the training venue for a period of about three hours. This time is made available to ensure every student maximises the learning offered by the training. It also enables the trainers to clarify any of the issues discussed or practiced during the initial training. There is no additional charge for this event.

Refreshments including lunch are provided and this is included in the cost of the course. Meaning there are no hidden extra costs.

‘In every culture and every medical tradition before ours – healing was accomplished by moving energy’.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

The trainers will provide support by either telephone or e-mail should the student require that at a later date.

On successful completion of the course each student will received a signed certificate.

Please feel free to compare the costs of our training courses with others on offer. We are normally the most cost effective. Why, because we work on the basis that everyone should be able to access this form of training and we are not doing it for ‘profit’. Just a healthier  and happier planet.