There is so much information packed into the two days but I walked away from the course feeling confident and alive.
R. B.

The venue was amazing, the training thorough and entertaining and the knowledge and experience of Lucie and Damian was super. I cannot wait for the next course.

Fascinating, interesting and great fun. I cannot wait for the next course.


The course was really interesting and gave me a huge amount of confidence to continue undertaking the BioEnergy treatments.

I did not understand how ‘Distance healing’ could work. But it does and I have had so much success with my family and friends.

‘My sister had polyps and was about to undergo surgery. Her biggest fear was that after the operation she would not be able to conceive. I carried out a course of BioEnergy treatments both before the surgery and afterwards. My beautiful niece her daughter was born in November 2021.’

The day before my holiday I woke up with acutely sore back I could hardly move. Damian and Lucie offered distant BioEnergy healing and thanks to them I was able to board the plane to fly to Cannery Islands. They continue for next three days and the pain has disappeared as quickly as it came and I could enjoy my holiday. Thank you both so much.

My 12 years old son got kicked in the head , which left him with post concussion syndrom. He was constantly tired, lethargic, could not concentrate, his memory was effected and he could not sleep. He was missing school and after 10 months of expert examinations and appointments we became desperate. My mum recommended BioEnergy healing with Lucie and Damian. During the healing we could see the massive improvements from one day to another. Within two weeks after the treatment he returned to his normal 100%. I cannot thank Damian and Lucie enough.